wave after wave of tech trends create business opportunities that are intertwined. It’s all about interconnecting technology and people to how they work.

perhaps, the biggest and most overlooked trend of all is how to reshape your product development environment in order to create ‘switched-on’ software that takes advantage of the hardware megatrends of the last decade while the newest ones continue to arrive.

is your head still in the clouds or are you moving on to artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented reality and block chain.

the first step to being a player in the new global markets was a technology evolution.

do you have a modern technology architecture backbone? are you on the cloud? can you continuously deploy? do you have an adaptive security architecture?

but you don’t want to stop there. competitive advantage is only now possible if you ‘hang the muscle’ on that backbone.

is your environment conducive to promoting growth and innovation in your products through your people?

ok so you surrounded them with the right hardware, now what about the agility-ware?

agile product development thrives in an environment of agile finance, agile human capital, agile portfolio management and agile leadership.

otherwise, you are at risk of ‘cool kids syndrome’, death by a thousand financial reviews focused on outputs instead of outcomes, competing fiefdoms, products not needed in the market or even worse too late, and a mass exodus of millennial talent.